Why do we celebrate Beneshwar Fair?

raman   November 22, 2011   Comments Off on Why do we celebrate Beneshwar Fair?

The Beneshwar Fair at present is a merger of two fairs: One fair is created in honor of Beneshwar Mahadev or Lord Shiva and another fair was commenced by Jankunwari after the construction of the Vishnu temple. Jankunwari was the daughter-in-law of Mavji who was an exceptionally esteemed saint and was  believed to be Lord Vishnu’s incarnation.

Beneshwar Fair1

Beneshwar Fair2

The fair is celebrated during Shivratri amid Magh Shukla Ekadahsi to Magh Shukla Poornima that is in the month of January or February. It is a five day religious tribal fair celebrated in Dungarpur, Rajasthan in India.

The festival is celebrated by the Bhil tribe as well as by people of Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat with great enthusiasm. The word “Beneshwar” means the master of delta formed by rivers Som, Mahi and Jakham. The name “Beneshwar” is evolved from the holy Shiva linga that is preserved in the Mahadev Temple, Dungarpur. The priests arrive on this day to take a dip in the holy water. There are a number of stalls and shops which sell the handicraft items made by the tribal group.

The features of the fair are as follows:

1 Music Show

2 Animal Show

3 Puppet Dance

4 Folk Songs