Why do we celebrate Teacher’s Day?

Teacher’s Day is celebrated to mark the birthday of Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan. He was a firm believer of education, scholar, diplomat, first Vice President and second President of India. The day is an honor to all the teacher’s devotion and hard work.

Teacher’s Day

His birthday is celebrated on 5th September annually all across India.

On the special day, the functions are formulated in schools to entertain their teachers where students present dramas, dance performances, and various other programs. The students dress up themselves as their teachers and take lectures in classes. They represent the assigned lectures to the teachers. Sometimes the teacher sits as students in their classes to remember their times as students.

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  1. babita singh

    teachers day is celebrated by the students with great enthusiasm n energy in schools n colleges in all over INDIA. This day revives teachers to hard work n dedication towards teaching n good bonding with students.

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