Why do we celebrate Magh Bihu?

raman   November 18, 2011   Comments Off on Why do we celebrate Magh Bihu?

The Magh Bihu is a festival of food that attributes cultivation of three stages – the end of the harvesting season, the commencement of the agricultural season and accomplishment of transplantation.

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It is celebrated in mid January in Assam in India. The Magh Bihu or Bhogali Bihu is the festival of food items.

A day before Magh Bihu is Uruka day when people prepare many types of food items like Doi or curds, Pitha- cake made of flour of rice, chira- dry rice, meat and fish for the prayer to God.

On Bihu day the granaries are stored with the recently harvested crop. The people make a big dome made of woods, bamboo, hay and dry leaves of banana, called the ‘Meji’. Early in the morning people set fire the Mejis while throwing Pithas and betel nuts to the fire. They offer prayer to God which marks the end of harvesting season.

The next day is celebrated with rice cakes and people distribute Bihu greetings to their kith and kins.